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Spread the Love: Your Trees Need Fertilizer too!

All winter we sit inside, staring out at our snow-covered flower beds and dreaming of warmer temperatures and lush perennials. And when it finally comes time to plant, we’ll put all the necessary care into it, including the right fertilizers. Most people will also likely apply some fertilizer to their grass in order to nurture a vibrantly green summer lawn, but what about showing your trees some love? Continue reading “Spread the Love: Your Trees Need Fertilizer too!”

What is Dutch Elm Disease and How Do I Prevent It?

Winnipeg is home to North America’s largest elm tree population, with approximately 230,000 elms. While this abundance enables us to enjoy a beautiful canopy of rich foliage, it also means we must stay vigilant to protect our elms against the quickly-spread Dutch Elm Disease.

In fact, in 2017 alone, our city saw a significant increase in infected elms, with over 8,000 reported cases (up from an average of approximately 5,000 per year), and there are no signs of the disease slowing down anytime soon. Continue reading “What is Dutch Elm Disease and How Do I Prevent It?”