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Evergreen Browning from Winter Burn

Winnipeg winters bring cold snaps, icy wind, and a blanket of snow – none of which are ideal for your trees and shrubs. While there are many causes of winter damage to trees, evergreens present their own challenges. Broadly, there steps you can take (preferably before winter hits) to protect your greenery during the winter season, but evergreens can be a bit more finnicky and require additional monitoring.

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The Benefits of Fertilizing

All types of plants and trees benefit from fertilizer. No matter what you choose to use, it’s important to feed your trees with this nutrient-rich food that benefits growing and mature trees. Particularly in Manitoba, soil nutrition is poor, meaning plants can’t get everything they need from the ground; it’s important to supplement that with fertilizer.

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How to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs in the Winter

Planting new trees in your yard is a great way to create future shade, perhaps enjoy delicious fruit, or add some beauty to your property. Trees are also invaluably important to combatting climate change and providing homes for various urban wildlife. While most trees and shrubs do very well during Manitoba’s springs, summers, and falls, our harsh winters can often harm and even kill saplings, as well as older, more established trees. Continue reading “How to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs in the Winter”