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Commercial Services

Kildonan Tree Service can fully and efficiently manage your large commercial tree service project. Our arborists provide tree services for all possible commercial needs on a variety of properties, including: – Apartment and condominium complexes – Large corporate offices – Business, commercial and industrial parks – Hotels – Malls We have worked successfully with government, … Continue reading Commercial Services


Tree Removal & Stump Grinder Service

Removal is required when the tree is damaged, diseased, broken beyond repair or simply unwanted. We will safely remove your tree and stump from your property.



Fertilization promotes healthy growth and overall vigor for your trees. We also spray for cankerworms and treat and prevent Dutch Elm Disease and other harms.


Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming & Tree Maintenance

Pruning is essential for the health and beauty of your trees and makes them less susceptible to pest infestation and wind damage.


Equipment Services

We’ve got the tools you need to get the job done right. Our rental lineup includes wood chippers and other equipment for DIY’ers, and supports to keep your tree standing tall.


About Kildonan

Kildonan Tree Service’s certified arborists have been pruning, trimming, and treating trees commercially and residentially since we first set out with just a truck, ladder, and a chainsaw in 1974.

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Serving the entire Winnipeg metro area and rural Manitoba since 1974.

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