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Trees in Winnipeg can’t live on sun and water alone. For them to grow to their best health and beauty, treatments will help immeasurably. Kildonan Tree Service is pleased to offer a variety of treatment services:


Though it may seem an afterthought amid the sunny weather and large amounts of precipitation we get in Winnipeg, trees need extra nutrients, just as your flowers and vegetables do!

In landscaped environments, it’s impossible for nature’s cycle of food renewal to effectively take place. Our commercial grader fertilizer is enhanced with organic nitrogen and is pressure injected where it helps to feed the roots. It contains no chloride or nitrates and is good for the environment. Research shows the dramatic benefits of regular fertilizing includes:

  • Greater resistance to disease
  • Increased vigor
  • Denser, more luxurious foliage
  • Healthier, stronger root systems


Fungus on Winnipeg trees may be inevitable but it doesn’t have to kill your greenery! Kildonan Tree Service uses a fungicide that is environmentally friendly along with the latest tools and application methods to prevent Dutch Elm Disease.


Winnipeg is friendly to wildlife, which unfortunately has its drawbacks. Despite all the love and care you give to your trees, there are still insects that can cause damage and wreak havoc to your landscaping.

Insecticides may seem intimidating, but Kildonan Tree Service’s trained arborist staff will expertly work on your trees. We use a biological spray that is safe for the environment, we can treat for canker worms and forest tent caterpillars. We also have specialized equipment that allows us to reach more than 90 feet high, hitting the tops of nearly any tree in Winnipeg.

To learn more about treatments for trees in Winnipeg, contact Kildonan Tree Service through our online form here.